A software package for computing heat and mass transfer processes in fluidized bed units

Purpose and Scope

The software package is designed to compute the hydrodynamic and thermodynamic characteristics of the granulation, drying, and cooling aggregates with a fluidized bed of dispersed particles.

Main Characteristics and Essence

The software package is developed based on original mathematical models for calculating the hydrodynamic and thermodynamic characteristics of the fluidized bed operation. The mathematical model includes the basic equations of hydrodynamics of single-phase and two-phase flows, thermodynamic equations, the equations of kinetics of heating and dehydration of granules, etc. All equations of the mathematical model are adapted for devices with active hydrodynamic modes.

Comparison with the World-Known Analogues. Advantages


  • Performance
  • A wide range of calculations
  • The possibility to optimize calculation at the designing stage without additional physical experiment
  • The ability to adapt the software to customer’s requirements quickly
  • Visibility of calculations (to display on the user’s screen the design diagrams of the equipment with certain dimensions, three-dimensional graphical dependencies, etc.).

Intellectual Property Protection Status

Ten Author’s Certificates of Ukraine for software and computation techniques are received.

Market Demand

The software package can be applied in any industry where the devices with a fluidized bed of dispersed particles are used.

 Readiness for Operation

The software package is tested.