Monitoring system «Energy clock»

Purpose and Scope

The “Energy clock” system, designed to create energetically literate behavior of young people, may contribute to the gradual education of the right behavioral habits and the skills of rational and responsible energy consumption, which will ensure the country’s energy security in the future. Above all it can be applied in educational institutions (schools, technical schools, colleges, vocational schools, and higher educational institutions) as well as in crowded rooms and places.

Main Characteristics and Essence

The purpose of the proposed project is to create an energy-saving behavior and culture of energy consumption, which will allow reducing energy costs in the future as well as promoting sustainable development of rational energy use in everyday life. The “Energy clock” device installed on the water distribution unit is the main component of the demonstration site that allows real-time demonstration of the amount of water used and its cost to the consumer.

Comparison with the World-Known Analogues. Advantages

The “Energy clock” system reduces the heat energy consumption by 15%.

Market Demand

The system has a significant potential for commercial use in organizations who are interested in improving their energy efficiency and reducing operating costs by minimizing energy consumption.

Readiness for Operation

The “Energy clock” system is successfully implemented in Sumy State University.