Technology and mechanization of the plant for production of complex liquid fertilizers

Purpose and Scope of Application

The device is developed for production of complex liquid nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers of various grades, in particular with high nitrogen content, on the mobile industrial block-modular unit.

Main Characteristics of the Device

Mobile unit for production of complex liquid nitrogen-containing fertilizers provides the opportunity to obtain the commercial product with high nitrogen content (up to 30%). Flexible technological line enables to produce complex liquid nitrogen-containing fertilizers with a wide range of nitrogen and phosphorus content (up to 20% of nitrogen and 8.5% of phosphorus), and, if necessary, trace elements can be added. Production line performance is up to 15 tons per hour for the finished product.

Main Advanatges of the Unit

The production of complex liquid fertilizers instead of traditional mineral fertilizers involves reducing of the economic and energy costs on processing agricultural areas. Less technological passages of equipment on the farmed area are required and less transport costs are necessary for the delivery of liquid complex fertilizers to the place of use or such automobile delivery of fertilers will not be needed at all. Liquid fertilizers increase the efficiency of useful substances assimilation by plants in comparison with solid mineral fertilizers.

Intellectual Property Protection Status

There are issued 2 patents of Ukraine on the production unit (№ 1155895, №121362).

Market Demand

Mobile unit for production of liquid complex fertilizers can be used by agrarian enterprises to cover their own needs in mineral complex fertilizers as well as by fertilizer producers for sale to third-party consumers.

Readiness State of the Developed Unit

A set of design and technological documentation for the production of the main technological equipment of the unit has been developed. Experimental and industrial samples are being tested. The developed unit is ready for introduction.