Method of obtaining osteo conducting coatings for implants

Purpose and Scope

An original method for obtaining osteo-conductive coatings for medical implants based on hydroxyapatite, which is the main constituent of bone tissue, is developed.

Main Characteristics and Essence

The method consists of low-temperature (up to 100 °C) coatings on the basis of hydroxyapatite and biopolymers on the surface of implants of various shapes with the help of external electromagnetic fields.


Compared with conventional methods for producing coatings that use vacuum technologies, plasma and thermal spraying, electrophoresis, sol-gel deposition and laser deposition, the proposed method has the following advantages:

  • The method is suitable for coating metal implants of various shapes and compositions.
  • Direct deposition of hydroxyapatite on the surface of substrates from aqueous solutions.
  • Rapid precipitation (10 to 60 minutes).
  • Possibility to obtain composite coatings based on biopolymers and/or drugs and hydroxyapatite, which makes it possible to approximate the resulting material to bone tissue.
  • Coatings have controlled phase composition, porosity and morphology.

Intellectual Property Protection Status

The patent of Ukraine for invention is received.

Market Demand

The method has considerable potential for application in surgical and orthopedic dentistry, implantology and periodontology.

Readiness for Application

Experimental and industrial sample.