“AutoBoat” – full-featured folding boat-box

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of the development is to create a full-featured boat for recreation on the water, which, at the same time, would be convenient for carriage by car and for future storage.

Main Characteristics and Essence

Due to the original design, the project has managed to combine the advantages of concise single boat with the convenience of the roof rack. Parts of the boat insert into each other, which allows you to carry the boat as a streamlined roof rack.


  • Successful design of the boat-box allows you to obtain a light and rigid structure of the boat, which characteristics are practically not inferior to those of a solid boat.
  • Modularity of the boat allows you to complete the basic model of the roof rank, turning it into a rowing boat or a motor boat.
  • Functionality of the boat: speed of assembly, space (comfortable large utility space twice as large as an inflatable boat); comfort (trunks, shelves, holders of fishing rods, etc.); possibility of installing a suspension motor.

Market Demand

The project is designed for both an ordinary person who likes outdoor recreation and as a mobile floating facility for rescue services.

Readiness for Operation

An active prototype is tested.