Turbogenerators based on vortex turbines

Turbine generators based on vortex turbines have been designed to produce electrical energy from the energy of compressed gas or steam.

The turbine generator consists of:

  • Turbine expander based on a vortex turbine.
  • Electric generator.
  • Automatic control, monitoring and protection systems.
  • Systems of power connection and control of generated energy.

The vortex turbine is structurally and technologically simple, cheap to manufacture and has a nominal operating mode at lower speeds than conventional (centripetal and axial) turbines. The last advantage of the vortex turbines makes it possible to create turbine generators in gearless design with a capacity of up to 500 kW and a payback period of 1‑2 years.

Turbine machines based on vortex turbines can be used as:

  • Energy-saving turbine generators to utilize compressed gas energy at gas distribution stations (GDS), gas distribution and gas control points (GDP, GCP), compressor stations (CS), or for steam reduction systems at the power plants of industrial enterprises and in public utilities.
  • Autonomous power sources for GDS, GDP, GCP, CS, for cathodic protection of gas pipelines (for example, an autonomous source of electricity for powering automation and protection systems, including electrochemical protection of gas production facilities).
  • Low-speed turbine drives of turbine machines (compressors, pumps, fans, etc.).

At present, Sumy State University has created an experimental model of the turbine generator based on a vortex turbine and a test bench for a low-power turbine generator, which allows one to obtain all the necessary parameters and characteristics and demonstrate the operation of the turbine generator.